Stop Shark Finning with the TIMESHARK!

Fashioned to mimic the beauty of Sharks. Designed to Save them.

Starting the Movement...

By proudly wearing a TIMESHARK wristwatch, you will be making a difference to the future of sharks around the world. Through every watch sold, you will directly support shark conservation and education projects around the globe through the shark charity you get to vote on.

We designed the TIMESHARK wristwatch to mimic the beauty of Sharks as well as create a design that fits any style, outfit, or culture. Everything about the watch is beautiful. The watch has a thick silicone band that comes in six different colors The battery lasts for about 2 years and of course, just like a shark, this watch is waterproof.

Making the Impact..

There is a harsh reality occurring in the oceans... Sharks will go extinct if we don't do something now. A recent IUCN report has identified over 1/3 of all shark species (more than 500 in total) are facing extinction – some in our lifetimes. Destroying sharks and the oceans isn't a legacy we want to leave for future generations.

Through the power of our TimeShark Wristwatch, we resolved to create a sustainable product that could address these alarming statistics. We’ve committed to ending the plight of sharks worldwide and with your help, stop the destruction of our marine ecosystems. The more TIMESHARK wristwatches we sell, the lower our costs go causing more money going towards saving sharks!

Also, because you asked us for it, with every contribution, you get to vote for which charity we will end up supporting. Proudly wear your watch knowing you are making a difference worldwide and remember that by getting friends and family involved, we can raise the percentage sent to the shark charity you want to support. Currently 10% of every TIMESHARK wristwatch sold, goes towards keeping Sharks around the world alive through one of the charities.

I have a question... do you have answers?

Yes we do! If these FAQs haven't answered your question, please email us at:

When will my watch be delivered?
Estimated Shipping Date: June 1st, 2013
We know you want to show off your watch, so we are working hard to get them manufactured and ready to ship as soon as possible. We refuse to send you anything but the highest quality product!

Is there a warranty for the TIMESHARK wristwatch?
Yes. There is a 1-year warranty. If there are any defects, our repair center will fix it or replace it. However, we strive to provide the highest quality materials so this will not be an issue. Normal wear and tear, including scratches and dings, are not covered under the TIMESHARK warranty.

How long does the battery last?
The watch is battery-powered. The battery life depends on how often you check the time, but if you check about 6 times per day, it should last around 2 years.

Can the battery be changed?
You can definitely replace the battery. Take it to any watch repair shop in your city and they'll be able to do it for you easily.

Is the watch waterproof?
YES! Just like a shark, your new watch can go under water.

Are the watches available in retail stores?
Not yet, but we have projects lined up for the furture to make this happen.

What percentage of donations go to the charities?
With every watch purchased, together we can protect the world of great shark by advancing the worldwide conservation of sharks through the winning ocean and wildlife charity that targets shark conservation. Remember, you get to vote...
One "High Five Perk" = 1 Vote
One Wristwatch = 2 Votes
Two Wristwatches = 4 Votes
The more TIMESHARK wristwatches we sell, the lower our costs go causing more money going towards saving sharks! Currently 10% of every TIMESHARK wristwatch sold, goes towards keeping Sharks around the world alive. You and three friends can easily make a huge impact. Our goal is to create an actual quantified change in the oceans around the world for each watch sold.

Where are the watches manufactured
The watches are designed at by the people at WarWhale Creative Group from Alberta, Canada & assembled in China. The facility has passed the SA8000 (Social Accountability) and ISO14000 (Environmental) audits. Furthermore, our manufacturing facility is ROHS compliant.

How do the watches work? What functions do they provide?
The watch has a sharp design, both visually and functionally. The fundamental purpose of a watch is to display the time, but it also has some neat features.

Full 12/24 hours display mode.
Year/month/date adjustable display.
Chronograh and Alarm Functions.
Full instructions will be included when the product is shipped.

Is there a charge for International Shipping?
Yes, there will need to be an additional charge to ship internationally. It costs $15 per watch to ship to international addresses. If you buy a 2-watch couples-set ($60 perk), international shipping is $25. For a 4-watch shark-set ($120 perk), international shipping is $40. Please include that in the checkout price. If you forget, we'll contact you prior to shipping to finalize those details.

If you have any specific questions about your location, please email us


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